CBC Social Videos

For Canada’s sesquicentennial, I had the pleasure of working for CBC’s 2017 team as a digital producer. One of my responsibilities was making simple social videos for Facebook and Twitter. These are a selection of my favorite ones.

Student Work

Since attending Sheridan’s Journalism New Media course I have learnt to create informative video content that reflects different facets of the greater Toronto area. Here are some videos I made as a student, I hope to continue this work in the future.


Experiencing Krump with Amadeus “Primal” Marquez

The unique benefits of dancing with Dr. Lia Tsotsos

Sheridan students weigh in on increasing the minimum wage

One fan on choosing online content over traditional TV

Picking up dance in your golden years with Jacqui P

Why dancing keeps the brain strong with Dr. Lia Tsotsos

The physicality of dancing with Esmeralda Enrique and Jaqui

Visual Tour of the AIMIA Photography Prize 2015 Shortlist Exhibit

David Hartt

Elad Lassry

Lisa Oppenheim

Nanidphia Mntambo